We’re incredibly proud of the phenomenal women that play an integral part in making Full Tilt 亿电竞 an industry leader in warehousing and transportation logistics. As of early 2021, the logistics and supply chain industry is 22 percent women. There are slightly less women in warehouse and distribution roles, at 19 percent. We’re proud to be a women owned business and have women working at every level of our company, from our CEO to our drivers.

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome women at Full Tilt and what their favorite things to do in their spare time are. We love to hear about work-life balance, and we’re constantly impressed by what the women of our company get done!

Meet the Women at Full Tilt 亿电竞 :

A woman in sunglasses poses with a man in a white cowboy hat.

Jessica N. “ I enjoy spending time with my husband who is also my best friend and coworker. My three children are the center of my world: Porter, Paige and Penny. In my down time you can find me doing physical activity or curled up on the couch with my family watching a Marvel or Harry Potter movie.”

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Tiffany N.  “I love spending time with my husband, Nic and my two children Avrie and Luke. We spend our time skiing, participating in archery, wrestling and hiking. I enjoy a decent spa day once in a while, and I love a good nap. “

A group of two adults and four kids standing against a chain link fence.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Cindy, enjoys being able to travel with her husband, spend time at their home in Graeagle with family and working with her children and in-laws!

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Taylor : “I love spending time with my loved ones, whether that’s friends or family. After years of development, I find that being with those who are most supportive in your life can be incredibly grounding. We spend a lot of time eating together, fighting like a family, and lifting each other up. In this photo from left to right, Tatiana, my brother’s girlfriend, my brother Hunter, my mother Lisa and myself, are at an axe throwing bar in Reno celebrating a birthday. When I’m not with them I spend time with my boyfriend JT, and our cat Ermac.”

A woman stands in front of a large temple.

Mary : “A few things I love to do during my free time include fishing, camping, and traveling the coast to explore all the farmers markets on the way! Something not too many people know about me is that I have a goal to relocate to Thailand for a few years when the time is right!”

A woman and her daughter dressed up and standing on a patio.

Kimberly: “ My daughter is my everything. I enjoy crafting. I have been in the trucking industry my entire life.”

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Donna E. : “I love the absolute thrill of helping a new customer solve their freight problems.  Outside of work, there is no better day than spending it with my family, my grandbabies, my dogs and chickens. A day in the kitchen cooking a big meal for my family is the best day ever.” 

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Yevette P. : “During my down time, I enjoy painting. Right now, I am working with oils and acrylics. I am still learning, but it makes me happy when I finish a painting. I hope to get much better in time.”

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Stephanie M.: “ Something interesting about myself and is also something I love is that I am currently 36 turning 37. I met my wonderful, amazing husband Benjamin right after we graduated high school and this year will be our 18 th anniversary together and 17 years married. I have been married almost half my life and married my first and only love.”

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T aylor B.: I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when I was fourteen years old. I spent most of my teenage years in and out of doctors appointments which has made me appreciate the little things a lot more. I like to spend as much time as I can with my loved ones. I enjoy cooking, any outdoor activities, mostly hiking, photography, and spoiling my cat.

A brown haired woman with a grey beanie and black sweatshirt takes a selfie.

Tamlynn J.: “Aside from diving all over our beautiful country, I am enjoying focusing my time on becoming a healthier “me” by losing weight and living a healthy, holistic lifestyle.”

Three kids standing on some rocks.

Felyshia T. I am a 31-year-old wife, married for 10 years. I am a mother to a crazy, fun loving 9-year-old boy named Rex, a beautiful, artsy 10-year-old girl named Zoee, and a strong, smart 11-year-old boy named Vann. I grew up in foster care before being adopted at 13, and I am a two time cancer survivor.”

A woman takes a photo with her white dog.

Dannielle F. I love spending time with my dog, Khimera. She always puts a smile on my face.

Overall, we have some amazing people in our women-owned business. You can learn more about our Reno warehousing and logistics services by contacting us today. 

We’re incredibly proud of the phenomenal women that play an integral part in making Full Tilt 亿电竞 an industry leader in warehousing and transportation logistics. As of early 2021, the logistics and supply chain industry is 22 percent women. There are slightly less women in warehouse and distribution roles, at 19 percent. We’re proud to… Read More

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